Simon Fraser University

Spring  2016

Phil 344   Philosophy of Language

Phil 121   Global Justice

Fall 2015

Phil 467W/802   Social Epistemology

Phil 121   Global Justice

Spring  2015

Phil 32o   Social and Political Philosophy

Phil 120   Intro to Moral Philosophy

Fall 2014

Phil 22o   Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy

Phil 201   Epistemology

Summer  2014

Phil 806   Topics in Philosophy of Language 

Spring  2014

Phil 32o   Social and Political Philosophy

Phil 120   Intro to Moral Philosophy

Fall 2013

                    On paternity leave!

Spring 2013

Phil 806   Topics in the Philosophy of Language

Phil 201   Epistemology

Fall 2012

Claremont McKenna College

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Phil 030   Philosophical Questions

Phil 176   Philosophy of Law

University of Pittsburgh

Spring 2006

Intro to Ethics

Fall 2005
Spring 2005

Political Philosophy

Fall 2004

Intro to Ethics

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